What Teeth Implants Cost Takes In To Account

Teeth implant is also known as artificial fixed tooth replacement. The implant is made of materials such as titanium and its alloys. Implants can be accommodated by the bones and tissues of the mouth. People lose their teeth due to many reasons such as injury, age and teeth related diseases. Teeth implants have become a better option in such cases especially with the increasingly fair teeth implants cost.

The dentist close-examines the dental health of the patient before the implant is done. If the teeth of the patient can be treated then the dentist may go for treatment instead of implant. Various tests are also done such as CT scan, X-ray and bone quality before the procedure.

Factors to Consider as You Decide the Cost

Teeth implant charges have to involve all the steps in the implant. The total cost has to be the sum of consultation fee, requirement of sinus lifts or bone grafting and placement of the crown.

The following are the factors to consider

  1. Placing of the Dental Implant
  2. Placing of Abutment
  3. Bone Graft at site of extraction if its needed
  4. Fixing of the teeth crown on the gum

The cost of each stage depends on specific situations that are involved in each stage and also the nature of the teeth health.

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Photo 1. The choice of dental implants should be approached with all attention.

Dental Implant Consultation Fee

Once you pay the consultation fees, the dentist evaluates the condition of the dental formula and is able to identify the problem of the teeth in this initial stage. The dentist uses panoramic images that help to detect the problem of the teeth. If necessary, the treatment of the nearest teeth from dental caries and other diseases is performed.

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Photo 2. Before installing dental implants, you need to consult a dentist.

Sinus Lifts If Needed

If the dentist determines the bone condition is inadequate at the dental implant site, bone graft has to be done before teeth implant. By fixing the upper jaw dental implant, the dentist is able to see the sinus cavity on the lower jaw and determine whether sinus lift is needed. In some cases this portion may not be needed.

The total cost may decrease if this part of the procedure is not involved.

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Photo 3. Sinus Lifts.

Fixing of the Dental Implant or Titanium Screw

This is the placing of the dental implant in the bone under the gum. The process is done using anesthetic and it takes about 45 minutes. Dental implant is treated with special materials on the screws that bring about bone growth and integrate with it. In this period the patient wears temporary tooth. The cost may also vary as different dentist do it at different prices. This may be between US $ 1500 to 2500 depending on specific situation. 

There are other factors that may influence teeth implants cost depending on the treatment plan of a dentist. In case of any changes, the dentist should inform the patient on time to enable the patient to prepare well financially.

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Photo 4. The cost of dental implants includes the cost of the technology of their attachment.

Teeth implant is an investment worth considering if:

  1. Dental implants are covered by your insurance

    Teeth implant charges may be a hard thing to think of in the current times. Long term patient’s benefit over other treatment options is an advantage over insurance companies that provide such coverage. If they do not provide this coverage ask for allowance towards dental implants equal to the cost of bridge dentures. You can also ask your implant dentist about financial and payment options.

  2. Risks Involved in the Process

    Dental implants are one of the predicable processes in dentistry. Complications are rare but with any medical procedure there are risks. These risks include: infections, damage of other teeth, sinus problems, nerve damages, implant failure and other related complications. This may bring about new costs.

  3. Time Taken to restore a tooth using Dental Implants

    Your implant dentist should provide you with a treatment plan that includes the time he will use in the process. The total amount of time can be as few as five months or more than a year for complex conditions. The most important thing is that you receive the right treatment at an effective cost.

As you think about teeth implants cost, remember to not only consider the money involved but look at the many benefits associated with the procedure. Teeth affect the general appearance, smile, ability to eat, speak and the confidence level of an individual. Teeth implant is therefore a cost effective procedure if done by the right professionals. 

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Photo 5. Trust implant installation only experienced professionals.

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