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Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. They emerge in your late teens or your early twenties. When they come in, though, it often hurts, just like it did when you got your first set of teeth as a baby. You may even have headaches, your gums might swell, or have pain in nearby teeth. Unless your dentist decides that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, you'll need a way to cope with your second round of teething pain. Of course, if your pain is severe, call your dentist right away. Often severe pain is a sign that you are having trouble. The teeth may be impacted or they may be coming in at the wrong angle. In that case, your dentist may need to extract them. For less-severe wisdom teeth pain, though, there are a variety of options you can choose for relief.

Rinsing out your mouth.

Sometimes a wisdom tooth causes toothache at the most inopportune moment. To wait for painless removal procedure, people resort to different methods to combat dental pain.

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Photo 1. The tooth of wisdom can cause a toothache at any time.

Using a mouth-wash several times a day can really help. Use either a simple salt-water rinse or a proprietary mouthwash, such as chlorhexidine. Always rinse your mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds, aiming to swish the mouthwash around the tender area. Do so a couple of times each day while symptoms persevere. This rinsing helps by cleaning under the gum area, where the harmful bacteria are situated. Chlorhexidine mouth rinse also comes in a gel form. This can be quite useful, since the cleaning gel can get underneath the painful gum-flap. The gel will remain active, disinfecting this area for some time.

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Photo 2. Rinsing the mouth with special solutions can help relieve toothache.

Use Pain Killers

You can also get quick relief by taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol. Advil and Motrin also relieve the swelling, although they may cause gastrointestinal irritation in sensitive individuals. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatories (for example paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen) can be used to provide wisdom teeth pain relief. Many over-the-counter analgesics are helpful with wisdom tooth pain. Included in this group are ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetamol and paracetamol that includes codeine. Ibuprofen is a good choice for many, given that it is both pain-relieving and it will reduce the inflammatory reaction. Very importantly, only take any medication if you know it is safe for you to do so. For instance, ibuprofen is not appropriate when you have stomach ulceration and/or are asthmatic. Likewise, aspirin isn't appropriate for those who have any sort of bleeding disorders. If in doubt, make sure you obtain information from the doctor or dentist, or indeed your pharmacist, on which painkillers you can take. You should always keep to the advised dosage of medication. Never place an aspirin tablet resting on the gum next to the wisdom teeth. This won't provide any pain relief, and will probably irritate the gum area, as aspirin is actually acidic.

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Photo 3. Be careful when choosing pain killers and take into account contraindications.

Hot and Cold Drinks

In the event of extreme pain/swelling: Applying hot or cold packs on the painful side may give some respite. Use an ice pack or a hot water bottle, held by the cheek on the affected side. When you over-exercise at the gym and develop a strain, you apply an ice pack to ease the pain and swelling. You may not have known, though, that you can also use an ice pack to relieve wisdom teeth pain.

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Photo 4. Use an ice pack to help relieve the pain.

Salt Water

This tried and true remedy has another benefit: it kills germs that may cause infection. Dissolve salt in hot water, and then rinse, just like you do with your mouthwash. You'll feel immediate relief from the swelling and pain.

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Photo 5. A salt solution is a time-tested remedy for combating toothache.

Onion Juice

Cut an onion in half. Place it on the inner cheek of your sore tooth. Whenever you feel a twinge of pain, bite into the onion to extract the juice. The juice not only relieves the pain, but it also kills harmful germs.

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Photo 6. Onion is the best remedy in the fight against pathogenic organisms.


If you're over 21, try this: Sip a shot of whiskey, but don't swallow it. Just swirl it around your mouth for a minute or so. You'll feel instant relief. If you drink alcohol, you can swallow it for more pain relief. Just don't overdo it. Overuse of alcohol can cause serious health problems.


Another proven home remedy, clove oil also has pain-relieving properties. Either dab your sore gums with the oil, or place a whole clove on the sore tooth. Squeeze the clove to release the oils onto your gums.

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Photo 7. Oil of cloves for toothache rescue.

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