Three Tips on How to Stop Tooth Decay

Having tooth decay is probably what both adults and children would never want to go through again upon experiencing how the pain could keep them awake all night. Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to this ordeal for our mouths are abounding with bacteria—a lot of bacteria. Some of them help protect our teeth, while some have no goals but to gradually ruin them. However, despair not as there are these three tips that everyone can make use of on how to stop tooth decay.

Tip 1: Intensify Your Teeth with Fluoride

Of all the minerals that we consume every day, fluoride is what dentists see as the most effective mineral to stop tooth decay from developing. It functions to defend our teeth’s hard outer surface called enamel against acid-producing bacteria through hindering mineral loss and restoring the lost minerals.

Three Tips on How to Stop Tooth Decay - photo 1
Photo 1. Toothpaste with Fluoride.

Where can you get fluoride? Most branded drinking water and toothpaste encompass fluoride as one of their main components. As per statistics, 74% of Americans take advantage of drinking fluoridated water. And for you to optimize the benefits of fluoride to your teeth, perhaps it’s about time to do the same thing. As for brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, bear in mind that brushing once a day doesn’t suffice. Teeth must be brushed two times every day not less than two minutes each time.

In rare cases, fluoride taken from drinking fluoridated water and toothpaste is not enough to keep teeth safe and sound. Dentists hence carry out these three more effective options: (1) putting on a fluoride gel to enamel, (2) suggesting of utilizing a fluoride mouth rinse, (3) recommending fluoridated tablets.

Tip 2: Use Dental Floss Regularly

Even though brushing two times a day can immensely cleanse our teeth to avoid bacteria from making acids, flossing is deemed as significant as brushing is. Most of us, probably due to the presumption that brushing is more than enough, don’t know how helpful flossing can be to stop tooth decay. 

Three Tips on How to Stop Tooth Decay - photo 2
Photo 2. The Dental Floss.

Toothbrush takes care of the tops and outer surfaces of our teeth, while dental floss wipes bacteria off of tight spaces between our teeth and the aperture between the base of the gums and the teeth. And these are specific parts of the mouth that toothbrush fails to clear out. To make sure acid-producing bacteria are out of your way, floss at least once every day.

Tip 3: Limit Foods and Drinks That Leave Acid-generating Bacteria

Prevention is better than cure. If you already know what the cause is, you may save yourself from the dilemma right before it happens. And it’s the same as with our teeth. As mentioned in this article two times or more, tooth decay occurs due to the bacteria that make acids, which weaken enamel into having a cavity. And where do these bacteria come from? From foods and drinks high in sugar and starch. These include soda, cookies, milk, juice, bread and many more.

Three Tips on How to Stop Tooth Decay - photo 3
Photo 3. Foods and drinks high in sugar and starch.

However, limiting those foods and drinks doesn’t grant us freedom not to brush or floss again. It’s just a supplement to minimize the harmful bacteria that may leave our teeth rotting.

With those tips on how to stop tooth decay, we know that you no longer have to worry about undergoing that painful experience leaving you wide awake in the wee hours. All you have to do are consume fluoride, utilize dental floss, and curb sugary and starchy foods and drinks.

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