Simple And Effective Toothache Remedies

A toothache can be one of the most agonizing and severe pain one can experience. A toothache can be caused by tooth abscess, fracture, infected gums, damaged fillings or repetitive motions. Some of the symptoms of toothache include; headache or fever, sharp, throbbing or constant tooth pain and swelling around the tooth. You can try some home remedies to treat a toothache, but there are instances where you must go and see your dentist. In case you get a fever, or you feel pain when you open your mouth wide, if the pain is severe or if it lasts for more than two days, it is critical that you see a doctor immediately. That being said, the following are some of the home toothache remedies.


Garlic contains antibiotic among other several medicinal properties which are very effective in providing immense relief from pain. You can mix garlic powder with table salt or black salt and apply to the affected tooth directly for a few minutes. Alternatively, chewing a few cloves of garlic will also relieve the pain.

Pepper And Salt

Both pepper and salt have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients with analgesic properties which help to soothe the pain. Mix the two with little water to form a paste, then apply to the affected tooth and let it sit for a couple of minutes. If you do this for several days, the pain will go away.

Simple And Effective Toothache Remedies - photo 1
Photo 1. Pepper and salt.


Cloves contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and antioxidant properties that provide relief to tooth pain and combat infection. You can grind 2 whole cloves and mix with either vegetable oil or olive oil and apply the mixture to the aching tooth. Alternatively, you can use a cotton wool and dab it in clove oil, then rub the affected tooth. You can also rinse your mouth with a glass of water containing a few drops of clove oil.

Warm Salt Water

This is the simplest and easiest way to treat a toothache. By simply mixing a half spoon common salt in a glass full of hot water, rinse your mouth thoroughly to relieve the pain.

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Photo 2. Warm salt water.


The antimicrobial and antiseptic properties in onions control toothache by killing the germs which cause infections. Chewing an onion for a few minutes relives the pain effectively, but if you have problems chewing it, you can place the onion directly on the aching gum or tooth.

The above are just a few ways to treat a toothache, but there are many other home remedies depending on what is readily available to you. You can also use an ice pack, tea, cucumber, plantain, lime, ginger roots and many other things available in your home.

Simple And Effective Toothache Remedies - photo 3
Photo 3. Onions and garlic.


As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Most toothaches are caused by tooth decay, which is as a result of poor oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene involves regular brushing of teeth using toothpaste containing fluoride, flossing and visiting your dentist on a regular basis. A healthy diet free of processed sugar also helps to keep you free from toothaches and infections.

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