How to Treat Tooth Cavities at Home

The term “tooth cavities” (a.k.a. dental caries) is used when we speak of tine holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay. Such holes can be of different color, from yellow to dark brown or even black. Tooth decay usually appears as a result of built-up and not cleaned off bacterial plaque on the teeth, insufficient dental hygiene, and (as some professional dentists say) because of deficit of a few essential minerals, i.e. because of unhealthy diet. In many cases tooth cavities are thought to be irreversible, therefore you have to make an appointment at your dentist and treat it there with the help of some fluoride solutions and pastes, fillings or even extractions.

However, recent research show that sometimes the situation is not irreversible, so they suggest treating cavities at home by a powerful combination of healthy diet and tooth enamel remineralization. In this article we will give you some tips on how to deal with tooth decay and will tell you more about home treatment option and, what is even more important - home prevention. A new idea that appeared recently states: if your body is provided with everything it needs, the potential of your organism for self-healing is almost endless. Previously it was believed that cavity can’t be treated at home, but recent extensive research shows that effective treatment for tooth decay at home really exists!


First of all let’s talk about our diet, as it is a basis of our health. We provide a list natural food remedies that can “repair” cavities and prevent tooth decay.

To retain the balance between calcium and phosphorus in blood, and to prevent demineralization of bones and bone-like structures (like teeth) — it’s not enough to follow the standard dentist recommendation “to avoid eating too many sweets and processed foods”.

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Photo 1. Proper nutrition is good for teeth.

In addition to that it is recommended eating health-supporting foods that contain great amounts of minerals and vitamins and can help you building glassy and hard tooth structure.

Approximate daily menu

Here is the list of foods to include on your daily menu:

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Photo 2. Useful food for teeth is diverse..

Control the consumption of products that are high in phytic acid:

These recommendations, nevertheless, include classical dentist tip to avoid processed foods, sugars and flour- or stark-based pastry and desserts to keep the sugar level stable and healthy.

Food additives

In addition to foods you should consume some good supplements to avoid tooth decay and treat cavities at home:

With the help of your diet you will be able to get a brilliant smile and treat cavities due to enamel remineralization. Because what we eat has a greater effect of our teeth health than the substance we scrub our teeth with. Really.

Another effective way to clean off the bacterial plaque and reduce pains and sensitivity of enamel caused by damages of natural mineral layer is oil pulling.

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Photo 3. Fish oil.

The term is quite weird and the process is even more interesting — so you take some oil (coconut oil works great, it pulls toxins from your mouth due to its anti-bacterial properties) about 2 tablespoons and pop it in your mouth. Chew or keep it in your mouth until it becomes liquid and and start swishing in it your mouth for about 15-20 minutes, pulling it back and forth and sideways. Do it the first thing in the morning to feel the best effect.

If you do that in addition to your diet improvement — in a month you will have great results.

Such cleaning helps to remineralize the enamel, reduce plaque and to make teeth stronger and less sensitive to cold or hot drinks and foods.

Why is it effective?

The tooth enamel is porous like a small sponge to absorb nutrients or toxins (depending on what your lifestyle looks like). The oil structure itself has the ability to break the plaque and move to the tooth surface. In addition, coconut oil has great anti-bacterial properties. Also it’s a great way to floss the teeth without damaging gums. Give it a try and forget about cavities!

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Photo 4. Coconut oil.

The only thing is that coconut oil should be cold-pressed, extra-virgin and organic. It should have a pleasant coconut smell and all the corresponding information on the package.

Proper nutrition and organic mouth cleansing is a great way cavity treatment and prevention.

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