How can you reverse tooth decay?

Tooth decay is simply the damage that arises when pathogens (bacteria) in the mouth produces acid that slowly eat away tooth.

If not early treated, the condition might create cavities in the tooth making the tooth susceptible to infections which lead to tooth loss. In addition, the tooth might develop great sensitivities which might result in pain upon encounter with cold, acid, heat and during chewing.How can you reverse tooth decay?Use of fluoride.Fluoride is essential for a healthy tooth.

Fluoride in oral hygiene

The mineral prevents the tooth decay from continuing by reversing or stopping the decay process. Fluoride works to promote health tooth by preventing mineral loss in the teeth enamel and replacing lost/deficient minerals. In addition, fluoride works to reduce the abilities of bacteria’s to make acid.

You can easily reverse tooth decay at home by using a fluoride mouthwash, fluoridated toothpaste and even drinking fluoridated water. You can also visit your dentist to get more advice and he/she might prescribe fluoride tablets, apply a fluoride varnish/gel to the tooth surface and recommend the use of fluoride mouth rinse.Observe good oral hygiene.Proper oral health is crucial in preventing and reversing tooth decay. Practicing good oral hygiene involves removal of plaque through proper tooth flossing, brushing as well as mouth rinsing. Using mouthwash with powerful antibacterial properties shall inhibit plaque formation. In addition, visiting your dentist to have a scaling process done after every six months shall eliminate plague. Minimize dry mouth.

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Photo 1. Toothpaste with fluoride.


Saliva is very crucial for the well-being of the teeth & supporting tissues. It avoids infection by upholding a neutral PH within the mouth. This prevents acidic attack by harmful pathogens like bacteria’s. Therefore, maintaining the desired moisture content within the mouth is crucial in preventing and reversing tooth decay. To minimalize dry mouth; brush with xylitol toothpaste, chew xylitol gum, breath via your nose more often, boost the moisture content in your room, and use saliva enhancing supplements, if needed.Check your diet.

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Photo 2. Chew xylitol gum.


Typically decay results from bacteria action on the tooth. Therefore, failure to feed these pathogens will lead to their death which translates into reversed tooth decay. Reducing the consumption of sugar products by amount and frequency is advised. For instance, carbonated drinks are not only rich in sugars, but also contains phosphoric acid which raises the PH of the saliva. Embrace a diet rich in complex carbs and fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, K, E. In addition include nutritive sugar substituents such as mannitol, sorbitol, isomalt and xylitol in your diet to replace the usual sugars.Tooth decay reversal is possible. To successful achieve the tooth decay reversal, remineralization of the tooth structure ought to happen. The decay area should remineralize devoid of filling if the reversal process is timely done before the dentine is damaged. However, if the decay involves dentine, a restorative procedure employing dentist services is undertaken. Therefore, observing proper oral hygiene and feeding on fewer sugary foods is the best way to avoid and treat tooth decay. In addition, maintaining a suitable PH and moisture content in the mouth is crucial in reversing tooth decay.

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Photo 3. Caries caused by bacteria.

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