A Few Things to Remember When you Opt for a Cavity Filling

The cavities mainly occur due to our improper eating habits. Even though some of us are very diligent in brushing and flossing, cavities find their way into a number of hard-to-reach areas eventually spreading havoc and destruction on our prized whites. It is very important to schedule regular appointments with the dentist to keep the cavities in check. If you do not get your teeth checked by a dentist for a long period of time then it will give the cavities enough time to spread and worsen in some cases and the only viable option left for you would be to extract the deceased tooth.

It is to be noted that not all cavities are threatening. In such cases where the problem of cavity is still manageable, the dentist might opt for cavity filling instead. If you do decide to get your cavities filled, remember the following tips to enjoy a pain-free cavity filling experience.

A Few Things to Remember When you Opt for a Cavity Filling - photo 1
Photo 1. The result of cavity filling.

  1. If possible, one should always opt for filling that is permanent in nature instead of a temporary one. Temporary filling will tend to corrode and wear away within a year and the cavity will become exposed again. On the other hand, permanent filling will last as long as a tooth and will save you the trouble of going to the dentist every 8 – 10 months or so.


    A Few Things to Remember When you Opt for a Cavity Filling - photo 2
    Photo 2. Permanent filling.

  2. The patient should always opt for synthetic resin filings and never settle for the metallic ones. The traditional method was to use a dental amalgam which is made from silver and a small amount of mercury to patch up the tooth. However, mercury is highly toxic for the body and any type of contact should be avoided whenever possible. The synthetic resins are absolutely safe and are not harmful for the health.
  3. Getting a filling will feel very uncomfortable at the onset. One may also notice a slightly uneven surface that was not present before. This is perfectly normal. But do remember not to grind your teeth before the filling gets fully hardened. Have enough patience and your mouth will get used to the foreign particle very soon.
  4. Not many people are aware that some dentists do offer cavity fillings of cast gold. This is the most expensive filling material and it might take quite a few visits to complete the procedure. On the bright side, gold is a very strong filling material as it has the capacity to withstand the wear and tear of many years. They can last as long as 15 years without any visit to the dentist.


    A Few Things to Remember When you Opt for a Cavity Filling - photo 3
    Photo 3. Сavity fillings of cast gold.

The process of dental filling is not a painful procedure but for some people it can be a traumatic experience to even sit in the chair in the dentist’s room. So, if possible, speak to the dentist before the procedure and try to learn about it so that you feel at ease when it actually happens. It is to be remembered that although dental fillings will take care of the cavity problem for good, it is very important to follow a strict dental hygiene routine to ensure proper health of the teeth.

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