What Is The Cost Of Braces?

What Is The Cost Of Braces?

Braces are designed to make the teeth whiter and improve the smile of the patient. If your teeth have some issues that affect its appearance, the dentist will recommend you to have braces applied on the teeth. With the right choice and selection of the braces, you will be sure of having an amazing look and smile. The major challenge and concern for many people is the cost of braces. How much do braces cost? Will you have to break the bank or you will just dig in your pocket and pay for the service in a flash? This is what many people need to know. There is no exact answer to this question, but you can be sure to find braces that will suit you at affordable prices. The cost of the braces will be determined by some factors. Here are some factors that will determine the cost of the braces that you will have applied on your teeth.

The Type of Braces

In simple terms, the type of braces is the major aspect that will determine the overall cost of the cosmetic procedure. Different types of braces are available, and they will come with different quality that make the cost different. Some of the common braces used in any dentist center include the following.

The type of braces

Photo 1. The type of braces

Metal braces

These are usually made of stainless steel, and they are typically the most popular types of braces. The reason for their popularity is that the metal braces are affordable and long lasting as well. They are also quite visible and anyone would notice them. If you do not take good care of the metal braces, they will change in color and might not give you the best look you want.

On average, the cost of the metal braces is about $4,940 if you do not have dental insurance. With dental insurance, you would expect to pay about $3,410. Also, the metal braces come with different design quality, meaning that they will also vary in terms of the cost.

Metal braces

Photo 2. Metal braces

Ceramic braces

The ceramic braces are also among the common braces on the market. They will blend perfectly with the teeth, and they are not exactly visible like the metal braces though they can break easily. The ceramic braces will come in different categories, meaning that they will range from one to another. On average, they are rated to cost about $4,580 without a dental insurance. If you have the dental insurance, you can pay about $2,580 for the ceramic braces.

Clear braces

Photo 3. Clear braces

Invisalign braces

This is a product of the Align Technology, which is a company that deals with the medical devices. This one is supposedly the most invisible braces you can find on the market. They will be applied with regard to the formula of the patient’s teeth.

It is approximated that the cost of the Invisalign braces will cost about $3,500 to about $8,000. On average, you can get the braces at about $5,600. This is the cost of the braces without an insurance. If you have the insurance, you can expect to pay about $2,100 for the braces. They are the best choice if you have minor teeth alignment issue.

Invisalign braces

Photo 4. Invisalign braces

Lingual braces

The lingual braces will be placed behind the teeth, and they can cost more money that the ceramic and the stainless steel braces. They are also the most delicate types of braces that require a professional orthodontist to install them. These braces will not work well on small teeth, like those of a child. Also, they tend to get in the tongue’s way, meaning that they might affect the speech and the tongue as well. The cost of lingual braces will range from $5,000 to $13,000 though they are not very common among the dentists.

Lingual braces

Photo 5. Lingual braces

The dental disorders

Another factor that affects the cost of braces is the dental issues that a particular patient has. The preparation of the dental system of the person, if need be, will affect the final cost of the treatment. You might need standard dental work, like filling replacement or deep cleaning. Such work will be done before installing the braces. The more complex the dental issue is, the more costly the final procedure will cost.

Cavities (tooth decay)

Photo 6. Cavities (tooth decay)

The period of the service

This one is almost similar to the dental issue though it varies in terms of the time taken to install the braces. The braces that are to be applied will take different times. If the braces require servicing and professional maintenance, they will come at a high price.

Bracket installation

Photo 7. Bracket installation

The dentist

Apparently, this is another factor that will affect the cost of installing the braces. Depending on the location of the clinic and the professionalism of the dentist, they will charge differently. The most popular dentists will charge high costs for installing the braces. Others will charge that according to the length of experience that they have, or the different specialization that they have.

Reception at the dentist

Photo 8. Reception at the dentist

Tips on saving money when applying the braces

You can make the braces more affordable by following some tips. With these tips, you can be sure of getting the best braces for your teeth and spend as little as possible.

Before and after installing braces

Photo 9. Before and after installing braces

With the right planning, you can be sure of getting the braces service that you expect. The cost of braces will be determined by different factors altogether. Ensure that you clearly understand each factor.

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