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6416 Arlington Rd Jacksonville FL 32211 (show map: Google).

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Dentistry of Jacksonville

Our teeth are highly vulnerable because they are used to chew food several times every day. Unhealthy food with big amount of acid, lack of care, irregular and incorrect brushing influence teeth badly and may cause a disease. Ignoring first symptoms will lead to complications and tooth decay. It is one of the most common problem of the American population. It's not enough to be born with good teeth. They have to be brushed, whitened, cleaned.

Specialists recommend to visit dentistry every six months and do professional teeth cleaning to prevent cavities and save oral health. These simple things will let you avoid unfavorable consequences.

In case you already have teeth problems clinics use following types of service: root canal treatment, fillings, cosmetic and hygiene procedures, dental crowns and bridges, orthodontics, prosthetics (prosthetic repair), implants.

Professional dentistry in Jacksonville

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